Ultimate Corporate League – Do You Have It You?

Post the grand success of the Ultimate Corporate League ( UCL), season 1 in 2009, we are back with a bang ! This season promises more-excitement, adrenalin rushes,fierce battles,you name it and we have it all, power packed in this season !

We call upon companies to unleash their competitive spirit on this battlefield. A unique 4 indoor game of sorts, which brings in utmost sense of competitive engagement and team spirit. After all, you represent the pride of your company and you have no choice but to with-hold the same.


Coax your companies to participate in this battle, inter corporate sports. Let them witness your strengths beyond your work arenas. The obvious questions being “why should my company sponsor me”? Hold your breath for some key pointers below:

  • Great Retention for participating employees-The HR could not have asked for more
  • A sporting Tourney which is Indoors, with a never before witnessed competitive engagement.
  • Fun, Frolic and Great sense of Inter-Company engagement.
  • Instills a healthy sense of competition between companies
  • In retrospect, working environment improvisation. Employees feel a sense of freedom from mundanity

The above is just a prelude to the mega event coming up. Why wait till tomorrow when you can as well deliver today??

Log on to our website www.uclsport.com for further details. We are also available 24/7 on our number +91 9901998899.

Call us if you really have it in you, else take a sabbatical J


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